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 What every computer should have!

The most important is an Antivirus Program.

McAfee VirusScan Norton AnitVirus

The top two in my opinion is McAfee and Norton Utilities.

Antivirus Programs are only good for 1 year. Then you are required to buy an update online by buying a download or a new version on CD. My suggestion is a CD. Whatever you decide it is important to keep it up to date. (The software will let you know when your year is up.) That is one of the first things I ask my customers who are having problems with their computer's software. "Do you have an antivirus program and how old is it." You would be totally amazed how many tell me... Yes, they have one, but it is several years old. And Guess what? Yes, that is what is wrong with the computer.

This will not only care for your viruses, but also Spyware. And help you maintain a healthy computer.

My personal preference is McAfee, but both our very good programs if you keep them updated and follow through each year. They will do the job!


Looking for Books, DVDs/ Videos, and Reference Cards to help you in Microsoft Vista or Windows XP?



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